Purifying the Divine Masculine for Men

Men natually have a dominance of the divine masculine, however we are not taught how to cultivate this energy for the greatest benefit and impact in life. The Divine Masculine is the action oriented, proactive and positive pole that every human being possesses. It’s through this energy we act in life and make choices. A huge part of this program is about the body because it is the vehicle through which this vital flow is conducted and projected out into the world. Purifying the Divine Masculine requires a healthy body, sensitivity to intuition, and the cultivation of the meditative/objective mind so that we reduce the karmic impact of our actions and our choices reflect the deeper guidance from the universal source. The benefits of this program are profound in changing how we feel in our own skin through the transformation of our nervous system and glandular functioning. The structure of this program utilizes Kundalini Yoga, Tantric principles and practices, exercise and dietary guidance, touch, and deep meditative surrender.

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Youtube Video about the Divine Masculine