Life Is Change

For millions of years our bodies have evolved in rhythm with the Earth’s own evolution. It’s only in the last 100 years that we have departed in a big way from the path Nature/environment has laid out for us. Our bodies are still in the stone age while our mind/brain are experiencing environmental stresses which have never existed before. These new stressors are putting extreme pressure on the functioning of every cell of our being. The reality is we live essentially on a new planet… It’s the same planet of course but we inhabit the a man made construct which is separate from Nature. The choice is this… we can choose to change the way our mind functions by attaching to the man made constructs of processed food, technology, erratic work hours, and artificial light while our bodies deteriorate and we suffer from health imbalances which rarely occurred historically; or we can choose to reconnect to Nature and our bodies, which are part of Nature and the key to our overall wellness and vitality… all while learning to accept human progress in a wiser and more balanced way.

This program is all about connecting to what is innate… The Sun, The Earth, The Moon, The body, real food, the breath, movement and consciousness. It’s in the basics of what it is to be Human and living on a planet where the keys to optimal health lie. If you choose to make this change we will optimize the way you eat, the supplements you take, reset your circadian rhythm, find the correct form of movement for you, meditate and ground your energy into your body. This program is best suited for those who are willing to take action… as my mentor often said “Don’t talk about it, Be about it”. What you are looking for is more YOU! Oh… and you will loose weight, sleep better, and feel more alive.

Rates: minimum commitment of 4 sessions required at $80 per session with each session lasting 1 hour

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