Sexual Energy

Much of what I teach is generally directed towards men primarily because I am a man so that is my lived experience. The practices I teach do apply to women with slight variations as sexual energy is universal. I have worked with many individuals dealing with issues related to sexual performance challenges such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, porn addiction, sexual repression, sexual addiction, and emotional issues connected to one’s sexual desires. Also, I can help if your intension is to cultivate life force through preservation of sexual energy. This is part of the path toward more authentic sexual expression and profound spiritual understanding. Working with sexual energy in a balanced way supports spiritual development and the end result is the individual gains their sovereignty and reclaims the choice in how to utilize this energy which is our birthright!

We are not taught how to cultivate sexual energy for the greatest benefit and impact in life. In modern day life our sexual energy has been highjacked and our desires get pulled in so many directions. We can start to feel overwhelmed by life’s myriad of sexual triggers. Sexual energy is intertwined with every other energy center in the body. It’s through this energy we act in life and make choices. A huge part of this work is about the body because it is the vehicle through which this vital flow is conducted and projected out into the world. Purifying sexual energy requires a healthy body, sensitivity to intuition, and the cultivation of the meditative/objective mind so that we reduce the karmic impact of our actions and our choices reflect the deeper guidance from the universal source. The benefits this approach are profound in changing how we feel in our own skin through the transformation of our nervous system and glandular functioning. These practices work because of sensitivity to the body and the discipline cultivated. The positive secondary effects include enhanced creativity, strengthened immunity, more energy, greater emotional and mental clarity, enhanced mind/body connection, and mindfulness. Techniques and systems utilized include Kundalini Yoga, Daoist/Tantric sexual energy principles and practices, exercise and dietary guidance, and deep meditative surrender.

This is essentially a three part progression…

1. Sexual Energy Detox- examining our past experiences, desires, patterns and traumas; learning to connect with the present moment while accepting the influences of our past.

2. Reclaiming our Natural flow of Sexual Energy- After we can see how our expectations linked to our past impact the flow of sexual energy we can then connect to and allow the energy to flow in a much more innate way.

3. Becoming the Extraordinary- Many of us love sex but often feel let down by our experiences because we don’t know how to approach sex differently or how to perceive sexual energy through a much broader spiritual lens. Sexual experiences become expansive and profound as the individual becomes expansive and profound.

Sexual Sovereignty programming with Akal can be done in person or on a conference call through Zoom.

Session rates… For a single session of guidance lasting 1-1.5 hour, $80

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