Astrology Based Somatic Counseling

These sessions can take place over Skype or in person. Everyone of us is attached to patterns which dictate to a large degree how we choose to approach life. Astrology provides a template which is tied to universal patterns which can give us perspective as to why we approach life the way we do. I like to think of each of us as a circuit board which is designed to conduct energy or flow in a particular way so that a particular outcome is achieved. Many of the patterns we are living out are unconscious and it is these patterns that guide us toward fulfilling Karmas, or cause and effect. Yogi Bhajan said once that mediation or awareness is like taking out the Karmic trash. What he meant is that when we are aware of a pattern playing out we can recognize it and choose to play out the Karma or not… this essentially removes the power supply to that particular circuit. When I look at your chart I see these patterns… patterns that guide career, relationships, physical and emotional well being, life challenges and cycles etc… These sessions are not necessarily chart readings, but rather a form of talk therapy in which your chart is referenced.

Rates: no minimum number of sessions required, however its helpful for each session to focus on a specific life area you have questions or concerns about. Each session lasts 1 hour and the cost is $100 per session.

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