For Couples

We Shine from the inside out!

I tend to think of couples as individuals. Individuals have a “higher” self and a “lower” self, they can be clear energetically or exist within the shadow cut off from their true nature. Couples are essentially two I’s coming together to create a We. A relationship can only evolve as much as the two I’s individually evolve. Typically as each individual cultivates his or her awareness those insights and understandings are then brought forth into the construct of the relationship allowing the We to evolve to a higher frequency. Most relationships experience ruts and often those ruts occur because of poor communication, falling into a routine or intimacy becomes stale.

What I’m offering couples is an opportunity to connect in a different way. I specialize in somatics which approaches mental and spiritual well-being by addressing our physicality. When we work with the energy of the body we begin to feel different which in turn will alter how we think and experience life. Through somatics it is possible to address various challenges in relationships by simply approaching the problem through the body and without the need for extensive talk therapy or counseling. The personality or Ego really only has access to about 1% of the big picture; it is through centering and connecting with the body that we are able to fearlessly open up to the various mysteries the subconscious and life holds for each of us. The techniques I utilize are designed to powerfully move energy which allows the couples who practice these techniques to aid in each others connection with the higher self. The nature of these session is about openness, connection and raising up the body’s raw energies to ground and center each Individual which in turn will deepen and open up the relationship for additional growth. The body is life and life has nothing to offer but flow.

This work is available to couples of all sexual persuasions.

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