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We Shine from the inside out!

It’s impossible to talk about one’s career trajectory without looking at how we are living and what kind of consciousness we are cultivating. We are now living in rapidly changing times and the more resistant we are to the change happening around us the more friction we will experience. I’m not suggesting conformity but rather intentional well informed action as it’s not society we will have to answer too but rather the outcomes of the decisions we make. The change happening around us is a reflection of the changes which are occurring within. If we are aware and allowing of the movement of e-motion (energy in motion, flow) while also possessing the objectivity necessary to make a choice then we can avoid the effect created when we repress flow (mental, physical, emotional tension) or when we impulsively express flow (resistance or push back). The key understanding here is that we are being guided and life isn’t something to be figured out intellectually. The energy for life lies within the body and this very same energy is connected to various intuitive or instinctual signals which will communicate to us in our own unique way how to most efficiently utilize our life force to ensure harmonious outcomes.

Career is a huge focal point for many of us. It consumes tremendous amounts of our time and life force so the compensation should go beyond money and should leave us with a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose. An authentic path taken will feel much more fluid and will allow you to dynamically adapt as challenges arise because you will have the energy and clarity to address the obstacle in an aligned way.

The approach I use in helping people connect to their authentic career path involves the cultivation of self awareness. Through contemplation, concentration and mediation we can begin to harmonize with how the Universe is flowing through us and directing our actions which ultimately supports our learning and growth. As our consciousness matures life begins to feel more effortless because we are no longer resisting the change/movement/flow of energy within.

1. Contemplation– Through the use of various astrological systems including Human Design, Tropical Astrology and the Vedic Nakshatras we learn about the patterns which are playing out in our lives. Once we shine the light of consciousness on these patterns we can change how they express shifting these patterns out of the shadows and into their highest expression.

2. Concentration– Through Daoist practices and Kundalini Yoga our sometimes scattered nervous systems can be centered. Intentional concentration will direct the flow of energy back into a more grounded state. Once we are grounded then the body, mind and spirit can function as a whole. Once we feel whole we can witness how the universe is guiding us from within and how our internal environment draws to us those people and experiences which contribute to our prosperity and growth.

3. Mediation– When we practice presence and grounded objectivity we train our awareness to become very subtle and sensitive. When we are sensitive we are able to see clearly the mind’s movement and how many of the actions we think we are choosing to make are either being directed by psychological/emotional patterns or are being guided by a higher power.

Sessions are $120 per 1-1.5 hours

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