Ever wonder why you are the way you are? Why your life has headed down the particular trajectory it has for better or worse? Do you want to understand your karma and why you seem to attract particular experiences? Do you want to understand how to best take advantage of your life’s events and patterns so that you can optimize your growth curve? Would you like to understand how your body and the energy which flows through it is constantly guiding you toward decisions which are coherent and authentic for your life path? Want to understand the deeper energetic dynamics of your relationships?

I can help you understand and utilize your life force so that the questions listed above can be answered and your personal growth can skyrocket. Our Astrology and Human Design birth charts illuminate the patterns of our unique life paths. Scientists might say that our patterns and tendencies stem from our biology; however I believe life rises out from the subtle, so the way we are is more of a two way experience and the experiences our unique energetic matrix attracts are all just part of the flow that astrology and human design reflect… Of course the choices we make can alter our trajectory towards inner harmony or more chaos. The sessions I am offering are not traditional chart readings but rather are conversations in which I will use your birth charts as guidance and the information contained within as golden information which will illuminate your understanding of not only yourself but how you fit into the bigger picture. These sessions are great for those wanting to understand career progression, sexual challenges, relationship dynamics, the purpose of trauma, what one’s intuition feels like, one’s strengths and weakness, and much much more.

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Readings are $140

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