Orgasms that Heal, Orgasms that Hinder

The practice of masturbation goes back for as long as man has been in existence and figured out that if the sexual organs are touched a pleasurable sensation rises. Within the genitals are dense clusters of nerve endings and because of these nerve endings we discover not only sexual pleasure but also the design allows us to understand something very fundamental; anywhere in the body where there are dense clusters of sensory nerves you have a part of the body which is essential for survival. Think of what it would be like to be without your sight, touch, smell or hearing etc…? The act of procreation is actually a recreation of the process which occurs for the formation of all mater, cell division and agglomeration. Sexual stimulation from touch, fantasy, visual aid etc are full body processes which draw our attention and energy in a very powerful way. Horny is high and humanity loves its drugs. Many of us discovered our genitals at a very early age, for men it probably occurred around age 13 and once we figured out how masturbation worked we really took ownership of the process and many of us began doing it daily to get high, to feel pleasure, or to avoid boredom. Point is we created a habit. When we do something in a habitual way without much variation of the experience ceases to give us the high it once did, but yet we continue.
Politics and religion over the years have attempted to manipulate our bedroom behaviors, of which masturbation is one. Any attempt to control sexual behavior augments the attitudes and experiences we all have with regard to sex. When this energy, sexual energy, is tampered with through morality, judgement, or habitual release our energy becomes distorted from the ideal or its natural way. Ejaculation and orgasm are very powerful experiences which transcend pleasure and stimulation and can be a powerful tool for healing the body’s energy flow and hence the body’s general health. Agree with me or not, but the primary function of govern-ment (govern means to control, ‘ment’ means mind) is to guide the behaviors of the citizens and if the behaviors are guided then so to is the life force or energy of which sexual energy is part. In modern times there is less interest in controlling sexual energy through morality and it’s more likely that we are now controlled through permissiveness and lack of fundamental sexual education. So between the new attitude of sexual permissiveness and our lack of understanding in maters of human energy one of the largest industries in the world is now the sex industry and porn. With so many men in particular operating in ignorance and discharging several times per week many of us have very week orgasms and our body’s have become weak and move toward decrepit at far to faster rate. According to science there is a long list of hormones and neurotransmitters that are effected in very powerful ways with each release: dopamine, prolactin, testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, luteinizing hormone, endorphins, serotonin, gonadatropins… With all these chemicals affected is it no wonder too many weak orgasms can lead to sexual dysfunction, mental disturbance, lack of clarity, and overall dissatisfaction in our sex lives; if you doubt this assessment just consider, men particularly, how you feel post orgasm, we experience our bodies and our partners in a very different way post release. . A healthy sex life and attitude is essential to having a healthy state of mind/body as well as relating intimately and openly with our partners.
The strength of the orgasm determines the healing impact it has on the body. Weak orgasms produce a draining effect, strong ones a clearing and healing effect. According to Native American traditions our body’s need orgasm as much as we need to sleep or eat and they are truly for our body’s health. Our body is inseparable from our mind and our consciousness, because of this if the body is impacted so to are the other aspects of our being. So a powerful orgasm will have an impact on feelings of emotional well being, we feel more embodied, can increase the clarity of our consciousness, and can aid in the release of stagnant energy from the body therefore diminishing the likelihood of dis-ease.
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How it works is rather simple to understand. A greater charge will lead to a greater discharge and what determines the direction of flow of the energy is the attention of the individual. Energy follows attention, So consider this; if you have a weak or strong orgasm but the focus is on porn then where does the energy flow too? Answer: the computer screen or into the ethers, and we feel drained or sleepy after. If you have a lot of charge or build up and you are not engaged in visual aids or fantasy and instead are in a place of feeling and sensing then where does the energy go? Answer: the orgasm moves inward in an implosive fashion and we feel energized after. Our attitudes are also major factors in determining the impact of our orgasms. If we are holding negative attitudes about our body, our partners, or sex in general this too can have a detrimental effect on the quality of the orgasm. Before embarking on your path to respecting sexual energy it is essential that orgasms in general be viewed in a positive light, and that while practicing to achieve higher level satisfaction be conscious of your attitude regarding short falls and be aware of any self shaming that may rise. In the Native American Nagual tradition of Quodoushka, teacher Amara Charles describes orgasms on a scale of 1-4 which I will summarize here.
Level 1, Repulsion Energy: This is a very weak and unsatisfying orgasm usually due to lack of charge or build up, a focus on porn, quickie sex, and is not in anyway embodied. This depleting orgasm often leads to feelings of separation or distance from a partner. End result is sleepiness, and only the first chakra is opened for men, and 1-3 for women.
Level 2, Repulsion toward Adhesion Energy: More physically satisfying, gain some energy. A balance of charge and discharge is reached, the feeling of some balance mentally and spiritually is achieved. If partnered there is some heart connection. Man is less distant, woman is more nurturing and giving. we feel somewhat satisfied but feel like we could do it again. Definitely feel more energetic after, but still relaxed.
Level 3, Adhesion toward Cohesion Energy: We feel like all is aligned. Deeply satisfied and ready for more. Expanded awareness, possible experience of visions of past lives, many tremors and after shocks. Feel a sense of balance in all aspects mentally, physically, spiritually, and sexually. All lower chakras have been opened up to 5th for men and 7th for women.
Level 4, Cohesion Energy: This is a transcendent space in which all aspects are balanced and time seems to disappear. No energy is lost but instead seems to recycle itself allowing for further love making to occur. If making love it feels as if the bodies merge as one. Awareness is expanded, healing is deep, and aging ceases, we often experience abundant inner light, all chakras are opened, and separation of genders disappears. This is the kind of orgasm achieved between two loving partners involved in a Tantra style union.
I tend to think of this less along the lines of defined levels and more like a spectrum. Personally, if I am self pleasuring I will achieve higher level orgasms by prolonging the experience, breathing deeply and slowly, and making sure I am free of thoughts/fantasy/visual aids. In order to guarantee it’s the most embodied experience possible I do some yoga prior along with extensive self massage and breath work. By just knowing that we all have the potential to reach higher states of pleasure and satisfaction I was awakened to these higher states, but first I had to release my old patterns of behavior and attitudes toward my body. Eat well, exercise, breath, and treat your body like the temple that it is and you will be rewarded with growth, love, well being, and amazing orgasms.

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