The Sovereign Male

Men’s Vitality and Sexual Energy Coaching…

Is it time to end your slavery to porn and sexual impulse? Turn sexual energy into a tool for greater productivity, more pleasurable sex and self empowerment. Those brave and powerful men willing to step up and to live more optimally will claim ownership of these magnificent bodies which aid us always in moving through challenging times with grace! Expect results…

  • More Sexually Magnetic
  • Improved career productivity
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Activation of higher awareness centers
  • Improved fitness and body image
  • Power over emotions
  • Improved and more authentic relationships

Sexually speaking this program is designed to empower men to reach for the pinnacle of sexual experience by developing the kind of sexual prowess that will allow you to enjoy sex for hours. Nothing is holding you back but your habits.

This is a 6 week coaching program which will alter how you relate to yourself and your energy. Sessions take place online or in person at Akal’s Chicago location. Contact Akal at for additional details.

Akal has worked as a personal trainer, kundalini yoga teacher, and male wellness coach for over 20 years. He holds a Masters in Applied Exercise Physiology and has received additional training as a Dietician and Naturopath

*Disclaimer: This program does not involve nudity or doing anything sexual while online or in person


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