Life Transformation Services

Life Transformation Services

The ironic thing about using “Life Transformation Services” as my job description is that what I am actually offering are techniques or strategies which aid you in getting out of your own way and allowing change/transformation to occur. Change is the natural way of the Universe. Somethings change slower than others, for example a rock erodes and decomposes slower than a plant, but what they share is the process of transformation. In the case of people, as we too are part of nature, the process of transformation is also inevitable and constant. Much of the friction we create in this life has to do with the personality being out of sync with the deeper more subconscious and hence body centered processes which we all possess. These inner processes exist as a way of guiding our personality toward those people/places/situations which are correct for our energy and our life path.

Transformational Services are those techniques and practices which aid the individual in harmonizing first with the body by creating healthful internal environments. Our external environment is a reflection of how we as individuals have lived, how we have inhabited our body. The real truth here is that in a sense we shine from the inside out. The cliché but deeply true saying that “we must love ourselves before can truly love another” points to work done to become an authentic individual pays dividends in how our life unfolds. The more comfortable we are in our own skin the better we feel and the better we feel the more our life is in harmony with our highest purpose.

Whether your challenges are related to purpose, career, relationships, diet, fitness, mental illness, disease, body image, or perhaps you have a deep desire to connect with spirit; the approach or techniques may vary but the over all strategy is the same, to harmonize with all that you are.

I have worked as a Personal Trainer for over 15 years; as a Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and Meditation Instructor for over 12 years. During my time dealing with literally 1000’s of clients and students I have found that it’s the variety of techniques and practices which are complex but the foundation of Life Transformation is actually incredibly simple.

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The formal education which I have acquired  allows me to create a scientifically valid backbone to the ancient and contemporary systems which I utilize for client programming.

  • Masters in Applied Exercise Physiology
  • B.S. in Kinesiology
  • 2 years of study in Dietetics
  • 2 years of study in Naturopathy
  • Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
    All sessions are $80 per hour (package discounts available) if occurring at Soma Arts (5215 N. Ravenswood unit 307, Chicago, Illinois). Sessions available by Skype also.To Contact Joel “Akal” Akins: or by Phone: 773-236-7662

What Others are Saying

“My partner Terry and I have worked with Joel for several years now. And that in itself is a miracle.  He keeps us going and varies the session so that they never become boring.  Joel is easy to work with and he has helped us achieve a level of fitness and general good health.  I am 68 and was able to bike 33 miles yesterday because I have consistently stayed in shape.  Maybe some people have the discipline to train on their own, but I don’t and Joel has been there to help me along my path to physical agility and stamina.”

Dan B.

“I have been going to Yoga classes for years and after Joel’s class I feel like this is the first real Yoga class I have attended.”

Chris N.

“Not only does Joel customize a workout routine and schedule that fits your personal body type and goals, but he also makes sure to focus on nutrition and eating habits. I have worked with a number of personal trainers, but he focuses more on these key points then any one of them. I want to get stronger and in better shape, but this way I could focus on my top priority which was building a healthier lifestyle.”

Scott M.

“Working with Joel has improved my workouts immensely. His workout combines Yoga, Pilates, strength training, stretching in an easy to follow and effective routine. After 40 days I feel stronger, longer, and leaner! It is a practice I can incorporate into my everyday life which also improves my performance in the Yoga and Pilates classes I attend.”

Thanks Again,
Julia A.