Services Offered

Services Offered

Life is all about relationship. When I talk about relationship I mean to reflect upon the word at its most basic meaning, Time Spent. Relationship=Time Spent. We have many relationships, romantic, family, work, money…, and the one we spend the most time with, ourselves. We are not conditioned to recognize the most important relationship is with ourselves, nor are we told that we exist in this physical body always 24 hours a day, 7 days per week… The various relationships we have are like different Life Spheres or areas we must at some point seek balance. When we bring awareness to a previously neglected Life Sphere the movement toward balance begins, and once awareness and reflection have occurred choices can be made which will swing the energy of that Sphere back toward its balance point. Because, our most important relationship is with ourselves the work I do aids clients in finding their balance point mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I realize not everyone is ready to address all those areas so I’ve creating programs which will meet you where you are.

What I am offering is not a singular program. I am offering techniques and strategies which aid you in moving toward your balance point for each of life’s major spheres. First awareness must be cultivated. Even if you believe that physical training is the route you should take you need to examine the belief which might say “if I’m fit more people will be attracted to me”, if you hold this belief while not looking at the underlying emotional charge which is motivating this belief you will not notice you are actually motivated by insecurity. As a personal trainer over the last 15 years, I can tell you from experience if low self esteem is motivating your choice you will most likely not stick with the program because your will is blocked by a negative or negating emotion. Acceptance of where you are at and acknowledgment that “hey I feel better after I work out” is a more supportive attitude to have.

Programs offered for the Prevention Minded
Conditioning the body and mind removes the controls on your life force, and vitalizes your experience of life.
-All commitments may be long term or short term. It’s all about what you need!
Physical TrainingEach session lasts about 1 hour 15min. This is all about physical fitness and the application of scientific principles which allow the body to be worked in a balanced and progressive way. Beyond exercise, each session includes techniques which cultivate and balance life force or energy. Many of the exercises utilize body weight only for the purpose of creating functional strength and fluidity of motion at the joints. Other equipment utilized includes: free weights, stability balls, TRX, bands and medicine balls, kettle bells… Each session is $75
Intuitive Life CounselingEach session is 1 hour. This is a generalized approach which examines what your priorities have been and how they are changing. We will address all of life’s spheres as needed by utilizing both awareness provoking talk and experiential techniques. With this path we will be diving deeply into your belief systems and how they aid or inhibit your progress toward life balance. The client also learns to recognize and listen to his/her instincts and intuition. The practices and methods contained within each session are supported by the cultivation of a daily personal practice. Each session is $60
Somatic HealingEach session last up to three hours. This is entirely an internal process involving techniques drawn from Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, and Energy Work (similar to Reiki). The sessions are meditative in nature and lead the client to understanding the principles of the human energy experience. Much healing can occur through this approach. Physical tension reduced, emotional traumas slowly released, sexual energy understood and unstuck, and a true experience of one’s center realized. The sessions involve movement, breath work, precise concentration techniques, energy work and surrender. The purpose of learning surrender to another is so that we then can learn to surrender to Flow aka GOD or the Universe; also, we learn to recognize the signals our physical body gives us as spirit flows through us (instinct and intuition), which aid in decision making. These sessions are often done in the nude (the amount of clothing removed is determined by client’s comfort level), and are non sexual. Have no expectations just allow the experience to evolve. Each session is $120
More Philosophy, or Why you should work with Akal
The spheres are intertwined, we shine from the inside out and our external situations and choices affect our inner states. Life operates as a feedback loop. We often don’t recognize that the thoughts we have influence the directions we take in life or the people who gravitate toward us. Our beliefs with their emotional under currents determine what we attract and how we engage our world. If our deeper subconscious beliefs about money, for example, are not supportive to generating income then income will not come our way. Even before we attempt to become wealthy we sabotage ourselves by operating out of a negative emotional charge, even if we keep thinking we want to be rich; a poverty mentality attracts more poverty. The universe responds to our deeper vibration not necessarily to what we force ourselves to think. If you think, ” I’m committed to being rich” and yet you have not spent the time to look at your true feelings about what it means to be rich then you send out a conflicted vibration and your will is blocked. This principle applies to all of life’s spheres. If you tell yourself you are ready for a real relationship but still harbor the belief that you are not attractive enough or good enough then that healthy relationship will not materialize for you, instead you will attract mates who offer you the opportunity to learn about your self- judgment. The universe is always guiding us toward experiences which bring about learning, bring about clearing, and ultimately lead to balance. Each of life’s spheres has a balance point which is different for each individual, as each of us is here to uniquely express and live out our lives. For some of us our health is the priority when we are younger but as we age we begin to see the importance of money; for others of us, money and family were the priorities early on with personal well being becoming important later in life. Whatever your pattern it’s always the areas we are out of balance or hold onto limiting beliefs that we will eventually need to prioritize or suffer the consequences.

What Others are Saying

“My partner Terry and I have worked with Joel for several years now. And that in itself is a miracle.  He keeps us going and varies the session so that they never become boring.  Joel is easy to work with and he has helped us achieve a level of fitness and general good health.  I am 68 and was able to bike 33 miles yesterday because I have consistently stayed in shape.  Maybe some people have the discipline to train on their own, but I don’t and Joel has been there to help me along my path to physical agility and stamina.”

Dan B.

“I have been going to Yoga classes for years and after Joel’s class I feel like this is the first real Yoga class I have attended.”

Chris N.

“Not only does Joel customize a workout routine and schedule that fits your personal body type and goals, but he also makes sure to focus on nutrition and eating habits. I have worked with a number of personal trainers, but he focuses more on these key points then any one of them. I want to get stronger and in better shape, but this way I could focus on my top priority which was building a healthier lifestyle.”

Scott M.

“Working with Joel has improved my workouts immensely. His workout combines Yoga, Pilates, strength training, stretching in an easy to follow and effective routine. After 40 days I feel stronger, longer, and leaner! It is a practice I can incorporate into my everyday life which also improves my performance in the Yoga and Pilates classes I attend.”

Thanks Again,
Julia A.